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Posture: there are three kinds of points: (a) slight flexion of articulations metacarpophalangeae. Put the index finger on the dorsal aspect of the middle finger. Support the last section of the middle finger with the thumb. Close the small finger and ring finger tightly. This posture is usually used in the skill of heavy point. (b) Make the middle and index fingers contact with each other and flex slightly. Support the last section of index finger with the thumb. Close the small and ring fingers tightly. This posture is usually used for median or slight skill of pointing. (c) Close five fingers together with slight flexion. Let the tip of thumb and index fingers contact together.

Attention: Pointing is the most fundamental skill in pointing therapy, being used for common diseases, acupuncture points and stimulant lines. During application of pointing, the operator should have concentrate his mind, make even breathing and strenghten to the fingers through the arm and forearm, so operator should have enough force on both of arm and fingers. Elasticity and force on fingers are also essential.

Key Words: acupressure fundamental techniques, pointing


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