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It can dredge meridians and promote vital energy and body circulation. The meridians are the passages of vital energy. When some diseases happen, the pathogenic factors will fight with anti-pathogenic qi of body, the balance of yin and yang will be lost, so that the vital energy circulating in the merdians will be obstructed. If the obstruction is removed by means of pointing therapy, the vital energy will again normally circulate along the meridians and the balance between yin and yang will be quite restored, and the illness will be cured.

It can regulate Yin and Yang, and make them keep balance, and it also can support the healthy energy and eliminate the pathogenic factors. In normal condition, the functions of organs and tissues are in equilibrium, that is to say yin and yang are in balance. If such as balance relationship is disturbed by some factors, some illness will appear. The inversion and eversion of foot are the typical examples of unbalance between yin and yang. The inversion of foot is caused by deficiency of yang and excess of yang and deficiency of yin. If the excessive one is inhibited and the deficient one is encouraged by pointing therapy, the balance of yin and yang will be restored, and illness will be cured.

Key Words: therapeutic significance of acupressure


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