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TCM History

Many medical schools appeared in Jin and Yuan dynasties. Each of which had its own special features. The first one was the School of Cold and Cool, founded by Wansu Liu who thought that the various signs and symptoms of the disease, had something to do with fire and heat evils. So drugs of a cold and cool nature should be used in treatment.  The second was the School of Purging headed by Congzheng Zhang, who held that disease resulted from the invasion of exopathic factors into the human body. As soon as a disease was found, the efforts should be made to dispel the exopathic factors. So the three methods: diaphoresis, emesis and purgation often served.  The third school was represented by Dongyuan Li, who believed that the internal problem of the spleen and stomach were the cause of many kinds of diseases.  Then the most important thing in treatment should be to warm and invigorate spleen and stomach. The fourth was the School of Nourishing the Essence.Its founder was Zhenheng Zhu. He thought that yang was usually in excess while yin was ever deficient. So nourishing the essence and purging the fire should be the chief measures taken in treatment.

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