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TCM History

Zhongjing Zhang, a famous TCM doctor in the Eastern Han dynasty. He wrote a book by combining with the classic he had studied and what he had learned with his own findings in clinical practice. It analyses febrile diseases according to the theory of six channels, miscellaneous diseases according to the pathological changes of viscera, bowels and their interrelations. It establishes Chinese medicine’s theoretical system and therapeutic principle, diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of signs and symptoms. It lays a foundation for the development of clinical medicine. Later generations divided it into two books. One is Treatise on Febrile Disease which introduces 1 l 3 prescriptions. The other is Prescriptions from Golden Cabinet. It introduces 262 prescriptions. However, some of them are same as those stated in the former book, so the number of the prescriptions from these two books is up to 269 at all. Basically they contain the prescriptions often used in every department of clinical practice and are known as the earliest ancestor of all the other books on the study of prescriptions.

Key Words: Treatise on Febrile Disease, Prescriptions from Golden Cabinet


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