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Tai Ji

There are totally three sources of Tai Ji Quan:
1. Summary and integration of famous Quan (Fist) styles in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644): martial art prevailed in Ming dynasty, so there were sufficient experts, literatures and fist styles. Tai Ji Quan summarized and integrated advantages of various fist styles, specially 32 Styles of Long Fist created by Qi Jiguang.

2. Combination with ancient concentration mind and breath: Tai Ji Quan focuses that concentration induces qi down to Dan Tian, pays attention to have mental, physical relaxation and internal sufficiency, so it is one of Internal Gong Quan.

3. Application of yin-yang and meridians theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine: in Chen Style Tai Ji Quan, qi circulation follows running course of meridians, mind induces qi to communicate GV and CV meridians, train Dai and Chong meridians. All of other styles of Tai Ji Quan apply yin-yang and five elements theories to summarize and explain changes of Tai Ji Quan.


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