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Posted by: xuemei on May 30, 2008 - 01:11 AM
TCM History

In remote antiquity, our ancestors created primitive medicine for their survival in Nature. It maybe came from their experience of eating foods and drinking water. They found out some foods had the specific property of relieving or eliminating certain symptoms or certain illness. Also they might find out some plants had some function to stop bleeding and help recovering from injury. That was the beginning of findings and using herbal medicines.Warming themselves around a fire they discovered that the way of local warming with hot stones or earth wrapped in bark or animal skin would relieve certain symptoms of diseases.They might practice and improve those method repeatedly, and then gradually brought into the therapies of hot medicated compress and moxibustion. Using stone implements, they had learned by chance, that the pain in one part of the body would be a11eviated when some other part was pricked.Then ancient Bian Shi (stone needle) and bone needles gradually developed into acupuncture after the meridians had been descried. The TCM theories come mainly from practice, and have been continually enriched and expanded through practice. More than 2,000 years ago Yellow Emperor Inner Classic (Nei Jing), the earliest of the extant TCM classic book in China was produced.

Key Words: Beginning, history

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