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The 12 Main Meridians

Heart Meridian of Hand-Shaoyin commences at the heart and pertains to the heart system. It descends to pass through the diaphragm and connects with small intestine.

The ascending branch splits from the heart system up to the lung. Then it turns downward to the axilla (Jiquan (HT1) (Jiquan (HT1))). From there it goes along the posterior border of the medial aspect of the upper arm. Passing through the cubital region, it descends to the pisiform region proximal to the palm and enters the palm. Then it ends at the medial aspect of the tip of the little finger and links with the Small Intestine Meridian of Hand Taiyang.
The branch splits from the heart system alongside the esophagus to connect with the eye system.
Pathological changes of HT

Pain in the heart region, chest pains, sweating, heart palpitation, insomnia, dry throat, thirst, inner side arm pain, cold extremities, hot palms.


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