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Yin Yang and Five Elements

Yin-Yang theory holds all phenomena consist of two opposite aspects. Yin and yang are variously defined as: up and down, Sun and Moon, fire and water, light and dark, hot and cold, material and function, left and right, etc. Yin and Yang are the law of Heaven and Earth. Generally, anything that is moving, bright, progressing, active and ascending pertain to yang; stillness, dark, degeneration, hypoactive and descend pertain to yin. Yin and yang is relative. Everything in our universe can be divided into the two opposite, and either aspect can again be divided into the aspects of yin and yang, and so on ad infinitum.

1. Yin and yang opposition
Either side of the two opposites always restricts and acts on the other, like water restrict fire. The constantly interact with each other; the change would not happen without this. The body can function as the result of achieving a dynamic state of the yin and yang. If there is no opposition and support of yin and yang within an entity, it cannot exist.

2. Yin and yang interdependence
Yang depends upon yin and vice versa. Yin and yang oppose as well as unify. Neither of them can exist in isolation. If the interdependent relation between them is destroyed for any reason, the opposite could no longer sustain itself.

3. Yin and yang mutual consuming-increasing relationship
The restraint and support between yin and yang is not quiescent. They always moving and changing. Yang declines and yin rises. Only when yin and yang maintain a constant kinetic balance can physical activity be normally maintained. If they become imbalanced a illness state would result.

4. Yin and yang mutual transforming relationship
Under certain circumstances opposing yin and yang may transform themselves into each other. In the course of a disease, it may be seen yin transforms itself into yang and vice versa. If the yin and yang consuming-increasing is considered to a quantitative change, the transformation of yin and yang will be a qualitative one based on the quantitative change.

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