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Self Massage

1. Prescription
Head and face: Du24, UB2, Sizhukong (TE23), Taiyang, Du20, Du15, Fengchi (GB20), Du14
Neck and shoulder: Jianjing (GB21), Qiaogong
Chest and abdomen: Ren17, Ren12, Tianshu (ST25) Front-Mu Point of the Large Intestine, Ren6, Ren4
Arm: P6, H7, Quchi (LI11) He-Sea Point, Waiguan (TE5) Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point, Hegu (LI4) Yuan-Source Point
Leg: Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point, Liv2, Sanyinjiao (SP6), Kid1

2. Technique of Massage
2. 1 Right and left index fingers together, press and push from Shenting (GV24)(Shenting (GV24)) to Yamen (GV15)(Yamen (GV15)) for 15-20 times.
2. 2 Two thumbs wipe forehead respectively for 15-20 times.
2. 3 Two index fingers wipe eyebrows from top to distal for 6-9 times.
2. 4 Press and knead Taiyang for 1 minute, Press and knead GB20(Fengchi (GB20)) for 1 minute.
2. 5 Open fingers of both hands and push both sides of chests dividually for 10-15 times.
2. 6 Two fisted hands put on lower-lumbar region, push both sides of lower-lumbar region alternatively up and down with the backside of hands for 1-2 minutes.
2. 7 Two thumbs push Qiaogong on both sides respectively for 10-15 times.
2. 8 Thumb-pressing and kneading GB21 for 1-2 minutes, LI11 with thumb for 1-2 minutes,Neiguan (PC6) Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point with thumb for 3-5 minutes,LI4 with thumb for 3-5 minutes.
2. 9 Thumb-pressing ST36 for 2-3 minutes,SP6 for 3-5 minutes.
2. 10 Rub two hands for 20-30 times, apply to face for 1 minute.

For chronic hypertension,add points according to symptoms. E.g. insomnia, dream-disturbed sleeping: massage on Shenmen (HT7) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Primary Point, PC6, TE5 and head; fullness on the chest, palpitation: massage on Danzhong (CV17) Front-Mu Point of the Pericardium.


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