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Shang Han Lun
1. Sequela of stroke

The symptoms of stroke includes unexpected cataplexy, unconscious, combining with deviation of mouth and eye, stiffness of tongue, hemiplegia etc, especially the coma, stiffness of tongue, upsetting sensation and irritability. We use Huang Lian E Jiao Decoction mainly and with modification in clinic, the effect is remarkable.

2. Hysteria

Hysteria is generally causes by psychic factor, it appears paroxysmal, the clinic symptoms are complex and changeful, disorder psychic activity, The characteristics are inconsonance between thinking-emotion, behavior and circumstance. The prescription is Huang Lian E Jiao Decoction combining with Ban Xia, Shi Chang Pu, Fu Xiao Mai and roasting Gan Cao.

3. Disorder of pulse rhythm (sinus tachycardia)

Sinus tachycardia, the symptoms include severe palpitation, disturbed sensation, fullness  sensation on chest, irritability, upsetting sensation, insomnia, bitter and dry mouth, dizziness, tinnitus, flushed face, rapid pulse, crimson tongue with dry yellow coating, heartbeat is generally more than 150 times per minutes. Treatment principle: nourishing yin and clearing heat, replenishing heart and eliminating dryness. Prescription: Huang Lian E Jiao Decoction plus Huang Jing, Nu Zhen Zi, Mai Dong, Dan Shen.

4. Experience

Huang Lian E Jiao Decoction is widely used in gynecological department, especially good at treatment of menorrhagia, preceded menstrual cycle, adding Mu Dan Pi, Ze Lan Ye, Bai Wei in the primary prescription may regulate menstruation. Since this prescription is basic for the treatment of heat transformation of Shaoyin disease in Treatise on Cold-Attack, it is more effective for female menopause syndrome. Because female has the syndromes of deficiency of yin and weakness during menopause, heat evil easily injures yin, yin cold easily transforms to heat, it causes kidney yin deficiency in the lower body and hyperactivity of heart yang in the upper body, it is flaring of fire due to yin deficiency syndrome, the symptoms including upsetting sensation and irritability, disturbed sensation at night, hot sensation in the five centers, dizziness and fatigue, whacked soreness sensation on lumbar region, we can use Huang Lian E Jiao Decoction plus Qing Hao, Bie Jia, Sang Ji Sheng, Du Zhong etc, it may help curing the female menopause syndrome.

Key Words: new application, Huang Lian E Jiao Decoction

Writer: Lei Hai Sheng, He Xian Lou, He Ya Ning
No.2 hospital of Taiyuan (LU9)Shu-Stream Point, Yuan-Source Point city, Shanxi province (030002)
Synthetical Clinic of Red Cross association, Taiyuan city

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