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The material foundation of telepathy is "Qi". The composition of universe, movement of creation and all nature in the world are the movements and changes of the Qi. The telepathy exists everywhere and all the time. Because the telepathy is occult, well known while unspeakable, differentiable while unexplainable, therefore, it once has subsided, and almost be abandoned by modern Chinese basic theory.
The telepathy is established on the similarity of structure between creation and nature, harmony between heart and object. The union of telepathy turns to spirit. "There are Yin and Yang in the Qi without detectable, and the uncertain change of union of yin and yang is spirit." The life is the unit of yin and yang, therefore, the spirit is the concentrated expression of life.
The ancients requested the doctors to experience the life and feel the life; experience the disease by inspection, auscultation, inquiring and palpation. The experience and feeling of life will be lost if the telepathy is neglected. However, the experience and feeling of life is the foundation stone of Chinese theory mall. Therefore, losing the telepathy means losing the spirit connected with the nature in the world, losing the experiment on rhythm, blend and resonance of life; losing the cognitive ability of gnosis and internal observation; losing the intuitive thought while Overdependence on the logical reasoning; losing the harmony between heart and object among the doctors and patients; losing the intimity, communication, trigger and theocracy between the both lives, losing the impel between the both lives; losing the purity, tranquility and leisureliness also.
The modern Chinese theory deletes almost all the memories related with telepathy, and the soul turns to dull, rusted, and numb; only can do detection without any feelings. I'm afraid it is the common fault of Chinese medicine! Because of the weakening and the lose of feeling capacity, the feeling sensitivity of eyes, ears, nose and fingers descend, and the functions of inspection, auscultation, inquiring and palpation degenerate. The ancients could tell the 28 kinds of pulse, while the modern doctors tell the retard pulse or rapid pulse by the clock! We can not feel any thing, neither do we believe the feeling any more; we prefer to over-believe the stethoscope, blood pressure gauge, X-Ray, lab test report, etc., the modern technique. Nevertheless, we feel the world by “technique media”, and the “technique media” is instead of our feelings. Then we have a vicious circle of the weaker feelings and lose the mode of thinking, judgment and the treatment way.

Key Words: telepathy, neglected link, modern Chinese theory

Writer: Zhuo Lianshi; The Chinese medicine academy of Chong Qing medical university, Chong Qing, 400050


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