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External Medicine
1. The correct path for getting children is nourishing essence

In the living aspect, it suggests that keep "less appetence" to accumulate essence; keep "moderate labor" to cherish essence; "calm anger" to store essence, "keep temperance" to protect essence; "deliberate in diet" to tonify essence. In the essence training aspect, it suggests that get up and put clothes on the body at the time during 23:00-24:59, rub the both hands till turn extremely warm, then hold the scrotum in right hand and cover the umbilicus with left hand while concentrate the spirit to the kidney for half an hour. The essence will get vigorous after long term training. The main prescriptions consist of the herbs which tonify the kidney and fill the essence. The herbs which are used more than 10 times in the 30 kinds of oral prescriptions are: Tui si zi, Gou Qi Zi, Niu Xi, Shan yu rou, Wu Wei Zi, Fu Ling, Shu di, Shan Yao, Rou Cong Rong, Du Zhong, Sheng di, Mai dong, Bu Gu Zhi, Ren Shen, Tian dong and Bai Zi Ren.

2. The prescription choice according to the symptoms

Yue's suggests that for receiving the presumptive effect, the key to the prescription choice is choosing the prescription according to the symptoms. For instance, dispelling the pathogenic factor first and strengthening body resistance secondly. The vital factors will get strong if the pathogen goes away, and the sperms will be easy to get union with ovum.

3. regulating spleen first for the sperm production

The qi and blood are abundant if stomach and spleen are in good status. The source of  the sperm production is the most important for the sperms. Yue’s thinks that the middle triple energizer should be regulated first if the patient has weak body and empty essence. There is a record in the Yue’s attached prescriptions named as "the prescription for tonifying kidney, strengthening spleen and benefiting qi" (Fu ling, Gou qi, Sheng di, Mai dong, Ren shen, Chen Pi and Bai Zhu). It is analyzed as follows: "the essence, qi and blood are produced by spleen. This prescription focus on the source of sperm production, therefore, it is the most quick way to produce sperms and the easiest to sexually excite. Easier to have kids with continence."

4. Regulate heart for accumulating essence and sperms

The Yue's said: the sperms are closely related with the abundance of kidney water, especially related with the tranquility of hear fire. The patients who suffer form sterility consider that it is due to the deficiency of kidney water without considering about the heart fire. The spermiation disorder is coursed by excess of heart fire. The heart is related with Jun Fire, and the kidney is related with Xiang Fire. The Xiang Fire will follow the Jun Fire's order. Therefore, although the disease is in the kidney, responsibility for the disease must ultimately lie with the heart.

5. Control nocturnal emission and avoid stick sperms

The key to treat the sperms is controlling nocturnal emission; the treatment keeps from the medicine which has astringency, such as Long Gu, Mu lietc. The medicines mentioned above are applied for the deficiency and damage, not for the sperms. The production capacity of sperms will get weaker if treat the disease by astringent. It is not the good way to get the children. Avoid taking in Che Qian Zi which remove the dampness during the course of controlling nocturnal emission; however, if the spermiation disorder improves after taking in medicine, Che qian zi tang can be taken in with the prescription related with sperms production and nocturnal emission control to assist in sperms production and pregnancy.

6. The treatment of getting children needs a long term

The Yue's prescription peculiarity is cold-natured mixed with heat-natured, moist-natured mixed with dry-natured, and treats the primary and secondary aspects at the same time. The prescriptions of nourishing yin are combined with the medicine which warms yang to rise yin in the yang; The prescriptions of exciting yang are combined with the medicine which nourish yin to rise yang in the yin.The modern research shows that it will spend around 76 days for the whole course from the sperms occurring till getting mature. Thus, the treatment of sterility due to the obstruction of sperm production lasts for about 3 months. It is suitable to treat the patients with the pellet in long term.

7.The external treatment for sperms production

The vital qi and essence of adults get weaker and weaker because of the human desires and sense of sound, color and taste. In the middle age, qi turns weaker, and the patients suffer from many diseases; the patients who are difficult in getting children have the damages in Dan dian and Qi hai. The prescription is that do moxa around the umbilicus to open meridians and pores all over the body. Dispel the pathogen in the organs, triple energizer, etc. This treatment is effective for the patients who is deficiency of the lower body, or have spermatorrhoea, sore and weak of the lumbar, erectile dysfunction, sterility in middle age. The treatment can promote pregnancy for the females who has irregular menstruation, leukorrhea with reddish discharge or coldness of uterus. According to the record, it is good effects on erectile dysfunction and sterility by washing scrotum and penis with Jiu Pin Fu Yang San mixed with warm water.

Key Words: thought and feature, male sterility

Writer: Xue Jianguo   Lu Zonglin
The first clinical medical college of Nan jing TCM university, Jiang su 210046


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