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In recent years, I have applied acupuncture to treat 7 patients (14 eyes) with acute conjunctivitis, the points selection included Jingming (BL1), Tongziliao (GB1), Hegu (LI4) Yuan-Source Point given by acupuncture and ear apex by bleeding, most patients felt improvement 1 to 2 days after needing and recovered 2 to 3 days. All of cases were cured.

  Typical case report:
  Case 1: male, 38 years old, 2 days with itching, pain, swollen and distention of both eyes, tears and aversion to light. According to exams given by our hospital, there was edema on eyelids, congestive conjunctiva, blurred vision, and small amount of ulcerous secretion. Diagnosis here was acute conjunctivitis. I needled Taiyang, BL1 and LI4 with heavy stimulation and 20 minutes of needle retaining, used bleeding method on ear apex. Treatment was once a day, patient continued three times, congestive conjunctivitis and edema on eyelids were almost disappeared. Then, I needles BL1 and LI4 with 20 minutes of needle retaining. At last, there was only little secretion left, all of other symptoms were disappeared, and disease was cured.

  Case 2: male, 4 years old. He got acute conjunctivitis on August, there were pain and redness of eyes, swollen eyelids, ulcerous secretion, aversion to light, tears, diagnosis was acute conjunctivitis. I needles GB1, BL1, LI4 with 20 minutes of needle retaining. Patient became quiet and pain was relieved after I took needles out. On the second day, I repeated same points and added bleeding on ear apex. On the third day, disease was cured.

Key Words: acute conjunctivitis, acupuncture


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